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University of Turku, Finland

University of Turku, Finland

The University of Turku is among the top one percent of universities in the world. It is an active academic community of 25,000 students and staff members, a truly international research university, and a provider of high-quality Finnish education.

As a leading university with seven faculties, the University of Turku offers a wide variety of education services, perhaps most notably, its research-based Teacher Education program. Grounded by the world-renowned “phenomenon-based learning” approach, it provides teachers with tools for reflection, learning and the ability to plan and develop their professional skills. It also means that teachers can solve and redefine future pedagogical problems as well as develop the school to be an integral part of society. The program’s goal is to make teaching professionals not only implementers of decisions, but also active partners in collective decision-making and school development.

Global Embassy is proud to officially partner with the University of Turku to bring “phenomenon-based learning” to Vietnam through a series of workshops, masterclasses, short-courses and longer-form courses. We are here to connect our Vietnamese institutions and educators with the very best pedagogical methodologies in the world so that our children can benefit from the latest advances in teaching methods.

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