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Strategic Planning

Building a school’s business plan is an important step to ensure that the founders’ vision, mission, and core values are accurately conveyed to every individual in the organization; this is the only way to ensure that the school’s staff are inspired, aligned and focused on the core actions they must take to make their school a success. The strategic planning process needs to be thorough and thoughtful, but also dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of the day, to create an adaptable plan with the greatest likelihood of success.

The strategic planning process is just as critical to success as the actual strategic planning document that is written

Global Embassy helps schools build and implement a comprehensive, feasible and effective strategic planning process. We:

• Review the school’s existing strategic plan and strategic planning process to understand the roles and goals of each department and individual in the school
• Facilitate discussions between the school’s senior management team, operating divisions, department heads and support staff, to better understand the organization’s strengths and capacities while identifying areas for consolidation and improvement
• Define a vision and prioritize a set of actions that can be then developed into an actionable implementation plan
• Develop a monitoring and evaluation system for the implementation of the strategy that will allow the school to clearly identify which goals are most important and whether they have been achieved.