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Curriculum Design

Curriculum selection is no longer about which textbooks a school chooses to adopt every few years. Instead, schools and educational institutions need a comprehensive strategy for curriculum development that takes into consideration the needs of the new world, and how best to prepare our children for the future, today. We, at Global Embassy, believe that we must always place student needs at the center of any curriculum, and focus on building curriculum frameworks that truly promote and nurture creativity.

The right curriculum makes a big difference

A world-class curriculum, integrated with teacher-created content, 3rd party reference materials and appropriate digital technologies is a core component of a successful school. However, to facilitate the creation of the highest quality learning experience that maximizes the students’ development potential, the school’s surrounding physical environment must also be respected and incorporated into the school’s curriculum. By doing so, the school will ensure that it fosters a setting in which creative and critical thinking as well as adaptability can thrive, essential 21st century skills that we believe will better prepare our students for the uncertain future.

Global Embassy empowers schools to bring about the most effective results through the development and implementation of an effective curriculum

Global Embassy’s experts, in close consultation with Reggio Children, work directly with schools using our proven methodology to create a customized solution that meets each school’s curriculum planning needs. We help schools do the following:

• Diagnose the school’s current activities, facilities and teachers to determine its readiness to pursue a new curriculum development plan
• Design a curriculum blueprint tailored to the unique needs of the school
• Develop a system of documents, materials and teaching tools that are appropriate for the new curriculum
• Enhance the school’s educational capacity with tailored professional development training programs for teachers and staff