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Harvard Graduate School of Education, Project Zero (PZ), USA

Harvard Graduate School of Education, Project Zero (PZ), USA

Project Zero, founded by esteemed Art and Cognition Philosopher Nelson Goodman and Psychologist Howard Gardner, began with a focus on understanding learning in and through the Arts. The project is currently exploring sustainable ways to support the complexity of human potential across multiple and diverse contexts of education and life through the study of intelligence, understanding, thinking, creativity, ethics, and cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural thinking.

Project Zero has been a cornerstone in the development of the Global Embassy Vision and Mission. Their work has allowed Global Embassy to become part of an official research project that Harvard is currently undertaking. Harvard’s lead investigator, Dr. Veronica Boix -Mansilla, is overseeing a 10-year research project on ‘Global Competencies’ that seeks to understand how Global Embassy will develop its capacity to nurture human potential in ways that are rooted in local Vietnamese culture while remaining global-oriented.